Election Management Module


AssetShadow is an asset tracking system, customized for county, state, and general elections, that tracks election equipment through all phases of configuration, testing, deployment, and retrieval. Additional tools are provided for auditing, for tracking equipment sent out for repair and maintenance, and for reviewing a complete history of an asset's movement through an election cycle.

  • Accountability
    As a web-based asset management system, AssetShadow provides accountability that includes:
  • what pieces of equipment are in use.
  • who is currently assigned the equipment.
  • where is the equipment being used.
  • when was it last used.

Increased Security
Accountability increases security. AssetShadow provides the ability to track election critical items such as vote-storage media, paper ballots, and other election equipment in real time. Date and time stamps are added to each asset's history log to provide up-to-the-second status to your staff.

Saves Time
AssetShadow saves you time by making detailed information readily accessible. A barcoded label, affixed to each asset, contains equipment type, manufacturer's serial number, jurisdiction name, and an AssetShadow tracking number. Using a portable scanning device or a desktop computer, simply enter the tracking number to quickly locate an asset - instead of time being wasted looking for misplaced log books.

Reports can be generated to ensure that resources arrived where and when they were needed, and historical trending can be used to predict and refine future equipment usage and return. Even the process of year-end county audits is streamlined - with a complete history of each asset's movement.

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